Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to insert a Horizontal Rule in HTML

What this tutorial will do is teach you a very basic HTML text insert that can be added to a web page to create a horizontal rule.
To insert a horizontal line:
1.       You must determine if your page calls for a line break/horizontal rule, since a horizontal line won’t solve every problem.

2.       Within the HTML coding, locate the body tags in the code; determine where the line break(s) should be placed in between the opening and closing body tags.

3.       Enter in the following text:  <hr> 
        The letters “hr” stands for Horizontal Rule.

4.       View results to make sure the line(s) has been placed in the right spot.

        Current example shows two horizontal rules.

To see a working example, go here.

After going through the tutorial, following the steps, and practicing with the working example, you will be ready to place Horizontal Rules in your own web pages.

                                                                                                                               -by Greg Hunsaker

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